Team management

7 Project Management Tips For Staying On-track During The Summer

Gabriel Nwatarali 08/08/19 | | 5 Comments

Project management professionals know how frustrating things can get during the summer. Many of your staff typically take off for summer vacation between July and September. However, during this time projects are still in motion so productivity slows down and that hinders progress. Nonetheless, the...

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How to Manage Remote Teams

Daniel Ndukwu 06/17/19 | | 5 Comments

Remote teams are becoming more and more popular. Remote work allows you to recruit the best talent from every corner of the globe and compete on a level playing field. At the same time, it gives employees the flexibility to choose their working conditions. In...

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How to Make a Project Plan: 6 Important Tips

Justin Stewart 02/07/19 | | 5 Comments

As a project manager, creating and executing an effective project plan can often be difficult and cumbersome. From keeping everyone on the same page to making sure that workflow is moving in the right direction, projects can easily slip off the rails when there is...

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9 Ways to Instantly Motivate Your Team

Helen Warren 06/13/18 | | 5 Comments

Motivated employees are one of the major keys to delivering high-quality service - which makes customers come back to you, regardless of the industry you operate in. However, the art of motivation can be tricky, and for all you know, your team might not share...

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7 Best Resources For Team Building In The Office

Helen Warren 03/01/18 | | 5 Comments

Team building has become quite a trending topic and is considered a must for any successful organization nowadays. However, while everybody talks about it, and many managers enforce various activities onto their teams, few actually understand why it’s so important. The truth is that effective...

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