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FunctionFox Review

flag Ideal for creative agencies & professionals
  • Improves organization and communication

  • Free, unlimited customer support

  • Trusted by professionals

  • Project schedules and gantt charts

Pros & Cons

  • You get more than software, you produce high-quality partnerships as well
  • This tool is an extension of your business that increases productivity with first-rate results
  • The customer service is highly dedicated that prioritize interpersonal communication
  • The subject manner involved with this tool is not as expansive as it could be
  • There are limitations in the software when it comes to integrating large amounts of applications
  • There is no multilingual help and support team

Plans & Pricing

The three main packages offer varying prices depending on how many users are involved and are billed monthly. The packages differ in features.

Classic Plan

This plan costs $5 per month per user. It is $35 a month for the first user. This classic package includes timesheets and project tracking elements. There are comprehensive reports, budget tracking tools, and unlimited clients and projects.

Premier Plan

This plan costs $10 per month per user. This plan costs $50 per month for the 1st user. It is a more advanced project management plan that includes Gantt charts and schedules, traffic reports, and internal communication blogs.

In-House Plan

This plan costs $20 per month per user. This plan costs $150 a month for the 1st user. This extensive plan includes all of the classic and premier features, with unlimited custom job fields. This plan incorporates advanced report building and email alerts for new requests to increase communication and productivity.



FunctionFox is the leading web-based timesheet and project management application for creative teams. This online tool offers intuitive guidelines and suggestions to improve your business performances, manage clients, and read deadlines. This system allows you to stay on top of estimates, simplify projects while managing every detail.


  • "Price"
    10 /10
  • "Features"
    8 /10
  • "Ease of Use"
    8 /10
  • "Help and Support"
    8 /10

Features and Functionality

The FunctionFox software is a preferred project management and time tracking tool because it offers unique applications to sustain and improve your business performance. This service is completely cloud-based, which improves the usability of the service because of its flexibility and reliability.

You do not have to worry about file sharing and losing internet connection. This service offers unlimited support and service that installs updates to your account. This system secures your files with high standards that secure your private information.

This system is not only reliable and high-quality but also simple to use. You can easily navigate the process, and produce your creative content without any added headaches.

Ease of Use

This software is simple and not overly developed. This user-friendly tool is not too clunky with features and capabilities that take up space and time. This system improves its manageability because it is easy to use, navigate, and input developmental ideas.

The user’s face is not complicated, they are straightforward for any business professional to use. There is no deep learning curve for an individual to have to study extensively. This is an easy system to explore.

Applications and Integrations

FunctionFox has an easy to use timesheets and estimates that provide accurate time and project reports. You do not have to download anything or install any software to keep track of. There is both a desktop application and a mobile application. You do not need access to a web browser, and it works with all browsers.

There are no integrations tools that it uses. This is a web-based time and project management application that carriers your information to any location provides accurate estimates and keeps you on top of your progress.

Customer support

The help and support offered by FunctionFox are extremely beneficial to any business professional. The help center offers basic account setup tutorials that help your team be ready to work. There are also training sessions with one-on-one experts to help improve your experience.

Some videos show tips and suggestions from new and experienced users that use FunctionFox every day.

Along with reliable tips and guidance, there is a phone and email support. The phone support is available from 7 AM to 4 PM, Pacific Time, Monday to Friday. Their email support is also available during those times and you should receive a response within a few hours after your request. The latest response time is the next business day.

There is no 24/7 help and support or live chat, but there are active video tutorials and a FAQ section that offers great suggestions when exploring the software. They’re also accommodating blogs and articles that detail customer experiences that are a nice addition.

  • Phone Support
    Available from 7 am- 4 pm- Pacific Time, Monday-Friday
  • Email
    Available from 7 am- 4 pm- Pacific Time, Monday-Friday

Final Word

FunctionFox is the leading web-based timesheet and project management application software for creative teams. If you are struggling with organizing and leading your projects, then this is the best software to improve your situation. This tool allows you to gain control by improving your organization and monitoring the deadlines and tasks of each project.

Having an organized business or company is never simple, but with great software their entire function is to help guide you when managing a long roster of clients, this immediately improves your business with high-quality results.

This online tool offers excellent suggestions and guidelines that directly impact the performance of your business.

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