What is Project Management Software?

Project management software is comprised of a specialized suite of task management software such as Agile, Kanban and Scrum, created to enhance the efficiency of a production team. Such software helps businesses implement and execute multiple projects within the required time frame.

You may be an exceptional project manager who aims to complete multi-level tasks with definite goals within a fixed time limit. However, if you aren’t using an online project management or to do list tool, chances are you will be unsuccessful in monitoring the progress and ensuring timely delivery of a complex project.

Recommended project management tools

These are some of the most recommended online project management tools:

Types of project management software

There are a number of different types of team management software which have different benefits and provide value for teams of varying sizes and types. Below we describe the most popular types of task management software available on the market today.

Individual project management software

Individual online project management software is a light-weight solution for a task manager who manages a small to medium sized team. If you want to test the waters before diving in, this type of project management tool is easy to comprehend and implement.

Example: Monday.com

Based on the Kanban management style, this is a flexible and visually appealing management system.

On-premise project management software

These project management tools are installed on a company’s servers. This ensures that access to the system is limited to devices connected to your local servers.

These project management tools help users by allowing them to prioritize and delegate the total workload. Managers can cover every step of an application development project from the concept to its launch.

Cloud-based project management software

Such project management tools are hosted on cloud servers, which provides users with the ultimate freedom to access their projects from any location. They usually work through a web browser.

Example: Wrike

Wrike currently ranks as one of the top project management solutions and is used by renowned brands such as HTC, Adobe, and Google. Wrike guarantees a more efficient performance in distributed and co-located groups. It offers users great project tracking templates to help them get started.

Open API project management app

This type of project management app offer end-users the freedom to add to an already existing application. It works for companies that would like to adopt an application while adjusting it according to their requirements. Since you can easily adjust the software components to fit your business needs, you can set up a system according to your own production goals.

As a cloud-based collaborative work management solution, these tools are designed to assist businesses in managing cross-company engagement. They offer useful tools to manage resources, tackle workflow, and schedule activities.

Our comparison tool of the best project management software will guide you to the exact type of project management app you desire, which can include tools like project plan templates.

5 basic phases of project management

The project management cycle is comprised of these 5 basic phases

1. Conception and initiation: an idea is examined and evaluated to determine if it can be initiated.

2. Definition and planning: this involves outlining all the work required to complete a project including budgeting, scheduling, and planning resources. This is where a project plan template comes in handy.

3. Project launch: tasks are allocated to teams and team members are informed of responsibilities.

4. Performance and control: task managers assess and monitor performance to adjust schedules.

5. Closing: once a project is completed, delivered, and approved by the client, a wrap-up discussion takes place in order to review different aspects of the project.

Benefits of using project management software

Kanban, Scrum, and Agile software project management systems offer tangible solutions to help managers prioritize and organize their workload. The best project management tools present a unique set of features to help task managers accomplish mutual benefits. Here are a few benefits you can realize when you choose the best project management tools for your project scheduling needs. Whether you need project management software for Mac or PC, the following benefits will help you manage tasks:

Easy collaboration

When employees are given individual tasks, it is important to have a platform that bridges the communication gap between them. Users can share status updates, timelines, documents, Gantt charts, and more using team management software.

Assign responsibilities

Project managers can conveniently allot tasks to employees and monitor the status on a frequent basis.

Send alerts

Team management software alerts project managers about upcoming deadlines and specific task responsibilities or changes. This helps PMs keep track of individual and team progress.

Track projects

The project scheduling software enables task managers to monitor the progress of the task. As team members have a single platform to update their status, there is no need for joint meetings and strings of emails to inquire about the project status. Tools such as a project tracking template can help users get started.

Offer a clear overview

Project managers can create a project snapshot to help employees visualize the progress of a project. This allows them to have information about how the project is moving along from initial take-off all the way to the delivery date.

Track your project progress with Proggio.

Create connections with vendors and clients

The best project management software will allow a task manager to collaborate not only with their team members but also with their clients. This is helpful in making immediate changes and edits according to the client’s requirements.

Potential obstacles of even the best project management tools

Here are a few challenges that may arise when project managers adopt a to do list or a project management tool:

Complicated features

Storing and managing all information in the same place does not make any sense if a task manager can’t find their information. It’s important to choose the best project management software that features strong filtering and searching capabilities in order to easily view documents such as Gantt charts, attachments, and deliverables without any hassle. That is why it is always important to look through a project management software comparison before purchasing.

No collaborative capabilities

Efficient collaborative capabilities mean that all users have access to the same documents, comments, and updates. This helps keep everyone in the loop so that no updates get unnoticed. Mobile access makes sure all project members are notified, even if there is a minor change in the roles and responsibilities.

Uncertain workflow

Project management software that defines all to-do lists on a personalized level goes a long way toward eliminating confusion. Always choose a tool that helps you to devise precise and clear workflows that can be shared with all collaborators, preventing the need for a joint meeting.

Things to consider when searching for the best project management software

Businesses seek the best project management tool or to do list tool in order to eliminate the need to send multiple emails, and to successfully bridge the gap between teammates working on the same project.

Small businesses, as well as large enterprises, employ different management methods to get their work done. Since it takes time for employees to become familiar with any project management software, make sure you select a tool that best fits the skill-set of your team.

Without a suitable project management system such as Agile, Kanban, and Scrum to implement, track and deliver a project, your operational efficiency is bound to suffer. The first step is to integrate the right kind of project management software that organizes and delegates your tasks so you can fully utilize your resources.

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