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Daniel Ndukwu

Sep 10 2019

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Project management tools come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them are ideal for the lone wolf freelancer while others manage to accommodate a few people. As an agency or marketing team, you have unique needs.

For example, it’s not uncommon to juggle multiple client projects with different deadlines and deliverables. At the same time, your marketing team may have multiple initiatives in various stages of completion. Bringing a project to life may involve working with multiple contractors, vendors, and teammates. Not all project management tools will be able to adequately meet those needs.

More and more organizations are ditching the spreadsheet and opting for project management tools built around their specific use cases. The best project management tools for marketing teams and agencies are unique in the way they merge the right features and workflows while maintaining simplicity. This article focuses on three project management tools that make client & team management a breeze. is a powerful project management tool that can be utilized for teams both large and small. It has a number of features that make it one of the best marketing project management tools available. An example of those features is its project templates. With it, you can develop specific templates for different types of campaigns or initiatives and reuse them which saves time and energy. It also makes it easy to onboard new clients or team members. doesn’t stop there, it incorporates time tracking features which makes it easier to keep track of the hours contractors or freelancers are working.  You can also use it to keep track of your billable hours spent on client projects with ease. There’s in app collaboration which makes team management even more efficient. Leave messages on tasks and mention specific team members so they see a notification and can take action on it quickly. Share files which are relevant to specific tasks and if you want to find or use the same file later, all you have to do is use’s search function to find it.

Finally, makes it simple to understand the status of each individual project no matter how many you have in the pipeline. This is especially useful for marketing teams who are used to high tempo experimentation. You can understand whether something was successful, a dud, or still in progress at a glance. The same holds true for client projects. Understand if the campaign was approved, what outstanding deliverables need to be submitted, and more at a glance. If you need extra information, drilling down into the project is as simple as clicking a few buttons.

It’s one of the best project management tools for agencies and marketing teams because it can be customized to your needs. Instead of forcing you into a specific workflow, the software is fluid. You can create different views, dashboards, project timelines, projections, share projects with clients, and much more.

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Proggio excels at project management for marketing teams and agencies for a few reasons. It has a unique way of organizing projects and tasks. Instead of independent blocks or lists like you’ll find a tool like, Proggio, makes it easy to see the relationship between activities. You can draw lines between tasks to mirror how work really happens while keeping everything organized. For example, a design project happens in house, goes to the client for approval, then comes back for corrections. The in house tasks have their own organization hierarchy and so do the client activities but you can visually illustrate how everything works together. This makes it painless when onboarding new clients or team members.

Proggio has a unique management view which gives you the ability to zoom all the way out and see how each project is progressing individually. For example, on a marketing team, there are multiple campaigns in various stages of completion. That could be Facebook ads setup and optimization, a website redesign, monthly blog content, etc. Instead of drilling down into each project to know how far along it is, the management view lets you understand progress at a glance and take action accordingly. The same process can be used for client projects.

The tool also has two main views – board and list view. This will be familiar if you’ve used another project management tool in the past. It supports multiple projects, has simple task management, integrations with tools such as Google Drive and Zapier, budget planning, project analytics, and more. Together, the features within Proggio empower your team to move efficiently and get work done on time. It’s a simple but effective project management tool for marketing teams and agencies.

Glip Review - Top 5 Project ManagementGlip

Team management and communication go hand in hand which is why Glip excels at project management for marketing. A missing piece of information or the wrong information can have adverse consequences for a marketing initiative. The same is true for client work. Glip helps bridge the gap by integrating powerful communication features alongside project management tools.

On the project management front, it has a simple task manager that gives you the ability to create a task, assign it to someone, and set a due date. After it’s been created, team members can chat within the task, attach files, and mark it done. There’s also a team calendar view so you can get a clear picture of what’s in the pipeline and the tasks that are approaching the deadline. It’s also possible to customize the view to only show a certain project, a certain team, a certain timeframe, etc.  The level of control it gives you for viewing information makes it one of the best marketing project management tools.

Project management tools are more than just task lists and calendar views. Glip’s communication features make it one of the best project management tools available. It’s never a fun experience to decide on project’s deliverables then struggle to communicate with your team, find out what was discussed, or keep track of specific files. Those inefficiencies – which cost billions of dollars annually – are what Glip helps teams reduce. It has built-in video calling, real-time chatting, and screen sharing to ensure collaboration happens. With the chatting features, open up a team chat or work with people privately – the choice is yours. The screen sharing and video chats both support multiple teammates or one-on-one conversations. The end result of using Glip is a unified communications and project management platform that ensures nothing important falls through the cracks.


In the end, you have peculiar needs that have to be met by the project management tool you choose. Maybe collaboration is important or maybe you value analytics and clear project views the most. Whatever the case, it’s necessary to understand what each tool’s strengths and weaknesses are so you can weigh your options and make an informed decision.

The three software brands on this list are excellent for marketing teams and agencies but it’s still just a starting point. It enables you to quickly shortlist the best project management software for your needs without having to sift through dozens of brands. When it comes time, be sure to take a look at the detailed reviews on this website that focus on the brands mentioned here. They’ll help you get understand the pros and cons of each one so you can make an informed final decision.

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