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Project Management Case Studies: 3 Top Brands

Alicia Schneider

May 16 2019

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When it comes to project management, there are so many industries where the software can be used. One of the best way to understand how a specific tool will benefit your company is to take a look a popular project management case studies.

The three project management case studies we’ve covered here will show you how teams used popular brands in creative teams, planning and operations, and special projects. However, there are many more project management case studies out there that demonstrate its use and functionality across the board.

Let’s take a look at the software used in three different project management case studies:, Proggio, and Wrike.

Discovery, Inc on

Who: Brad Wohlgemuth, Discovery, Inc

Team: Creative Services team supporting Ad Sales in creating B2B marketing material.

Challenge: Brad’s team of 14 people was looking for a simple solution to combine all their projects in one place. The team handles hundreds of projects a year as well as a few events, so a project board was helpful to keep them organized. With the boards in, Brad’s team was able to break down the necessities of each project, create timelines, assign roles, and stay on track all from one place. The template they used allowed the team to see the “big picture,” while still giving them the ability to hone in on smaller individual tasks and projects.


Most loved features: The team at Discovery, Inc loved using the templates on The features such as color coding, adding new columns, Timeline, and tagging made things smooth & easy for everyone to get on board. Without this template, Brad and his team would still be stuck wading through dozens of separate spreadsheets, documents, and messages across several platforms. helped save the team time and money. Most importantly, they saved precious energy that can now go towards focusing on their projects and clients.

“It allows us to quickly see everything in the pipeline along with all pertinent details.”

– Brad Wohlgemuth, Director of Creative Services, Discovery, Inc.

KAHR Medical on Proggio

Who: KAHR Medical

Team: KAHR Medical, an innovative biotechnology company, was looking for a way to streamline their pre-clinical trail development process.

Challenge: Developing the next drug to target cancer indication isn’t easy work. KAHR Medical is tasked with a long process for clinical trials, from early preparations, safety testing, applications to the FDA, and more. Needless to say, it’s a long process that requires careful planning and monitoring in order to get a successful outcome. Pre-clinical trials can take years and are conducted in more than one location, so teams need to be able to communicate and collaborate effectively. KAHR Medical implemented Proggio to better plan their development. In a matter of days, the team created a two-year plan covering a range of tasks and assignments.


Most loved features: Employees at KAHR Medical loved how teams in different locations and departments are able to coordinate and stay up-to-date with tasks that are in progress. Everyone from lab techs to executives were onboarded to Proggio in order to see where the latest project is standing.

“With Proggio, we were able to map out a two year plan from high level to granular detail – in just a few days. We continue to use Proggio for the operational phase of the project, especially in status meetings. This allows the entire staff to collaborate, from lab techs to C-level.”

-Yaron Pereg, CEO, KAHR Medical

Airbnb on Wrike

Who: Airbnb

Team: The Trip Experiences team at Airbnb was expanding quickly into new cities. Creative production manager, Hoon Kim, was looking to streamline the detailed process.

Challenge: After the initial success of the Experiences launch, Airbnb decided to expand the program’s reach and spread to 12 new cities. With this expansion came a ton of new creative projects, each of which required massive amounts of assets, like videography, photography, posters, and more. The were stuck using a huge online spreadsheet to coordinate all their data. However, as Airbnb is a dynamic company with constant changes, this simply was not an adequate solution for their team. Kim Hoon and his team decided to implement Wrike because it is easily scalable.


Most loved features: Wrike helped bridge the gap between teams while also increasing work capacity and efficiency. Hoon’s goal was to streamline processes. In turn, this would improve productivity for each employee instead of bringing on new team members. The teams at Airbnb loved using the Dashboard and Reporting features, which allow them to stay on top of projects and tasks. The simple way teammates can communicate within Wrike also allows questions to get answered a lot more quickly then before.

“With everything contained in Wrike, we were able to leverage Wrike’s functionality to increase the quality of our assets across the board, make sure they were consistent, and also see where we were being efficient.”

– Hoon Kim, Creative Production Manager, Airbnb

Final word

It’s clear that project management software can be used across many industries and teams. The beauty of many project management tools is that you’re able to customize it to meet your exact needs. The project management case studies we featured here are but a few of the hundreds of examples out there. There are countless companies that have seen success after the implementation of a project management tool.

What did you think of our project management case studies roundup? Interested in seeing more articles like this, or want to see one for a specific industry? Let us know in the comments below!

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