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Boost Your Checklists with Project Management Software

Alicia Schneider

Oct 30 2019

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It’s October 30th… and you know what that means: happy Checklist Day!

While certainly not a Hallmark holiday, Checklist Day offers us all an important reminder to stay organized and on top of tasks. Checklists have become an integral part of so many of our lives. From a quick grocery list scribbled on the back of a piece of mail, to a list of this week’s errands jotted down on your phone, or a color-coordinated daily planner, checklists come in handy for a multitude of scenarios.

In the workplace, checklists are an efficient means of task tracking based on importance or urgency. Unlike a simple grocery list, your checklists at work often require more sophistication in order to be effective. To stay on top of all your different projects and those last-minute tasks that always seem to pile up towards the end of the week, you need professional project management software.  However, it’s important to be conscious of the way you’re using these lists in order to avoid “checklist fatigue.” When used properly, checklists should indicate special tasks or projects beyond what your team knows they need to do on a regular basis. Using checklists for every little task can quickly turn a structured project management tool into a cluttered mess.

There are many project management software options out there to choose from. It can be tricky to know which ones offer the best task tracking features. So, whether you’re looking for a simple digital checklist or more involved project management features, we’ve compiled a list of the best project management software to keep on top of all your lists.


Another strong contender for the best project management software is ProjectManager. This collaborative tool is ideal for checklist aficionados who want to be able to manage a lot of different moving parts.

Users can add and customize lists of tasks on their personal boards. They can also create a collaborative task list to share with a team. The great thing about ProjectManager is that it’s quite simple to see a team’s progress at a glance. This tool allows you to assess the workload of each team member, meaning that you can better distribute the workload. If someone is overloaded with work you can shuffle around their tasks. You can also easily see when an item on your list is overdue and follow up with the employee responsible.

Another one of the great project management features offered by ProjectManager is collaborative task tracking. Users can update their tasks from anywhere. They can also have a discussion if they’re stuck on something, upload documents, and handoff tasks when their part is done. This allows you to keep track of your lists and see updates as they happen, without skipping a beat.

ProjectManager is a fantastic tool for those looking for project management software that is highly collaborative without sacrificing efficiency. The ease with which users can share information and updates on each task makes completing your checklist straightforward and uncomplicated.

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Proggio cuts through all the fancy features and offers its users what they really need: efficient task tracking and management.

Users can create a list of tasks in a few simple clicks and then add an entire team to participate. You can then opt to view tasks in a list or on a board view for a more visual representation. The board view acts more as a pipeline. Here, you can see the progress of individual tasks as well as the overall project. The task view offers a more detailed account of each task. In this view, you can get a better overview of who’s working on each task and view any other notes or information attached.

Proggio’s project management software strength is its digital whiteboard. They allow the user to see the entirety of the project scope and clearly identify and assign tasks. Because of this, Proggio works well as both a simple task tracking tool and also a more complex project management software for teams. This tool is ideal for teams that need to boost their productivity and get their projects and tasks organized quickly.

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Final Word

Inputting your checklists into a project management software can really alter the way you work. It increases your efficiency, organization, and task collaboration. Keeping track of all the different elements of a project isn’t as simple as jotting down a quick list. However,  implementing one of the best project management software options we mentioned here can have a significant impact on both small daily tasks and those comprehensive projects. So, what are you waiting for? In honor of Checklist Day, it’s time to ditch the old-fashioned pen and paper lists and update to a more sleek and professional option.

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