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4 Important Project Management Trends for 2020

Alicia Schneider

Jan 14 2020

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As another year draws to a close, businesses are preparing themselves to face the new decade’s challenges head-on. The best way to address these challenges is through understanding some of the major market trends in your industry. It’s important to pinpoint the specific ways in which the industry you work in is changing so as not to lag behind the competition. Project managers should have a good grasp of 2020 trends for both project management software and methodologies.

Here, we’ll identify the major 2020 trends in project management, discuss them, and then offer some recommendations on how to adapt and prepare for them using advanced project management software.

AI Technology Is Here to Stay

Whether you like it or not, AI tech is here for good. Before you get worried, AI technology is not the stuff of sci-fi movies or robots coming to replace you at your job. AI, or artificial intelligence, is simply meant to increase your productivity by allowing certain procedures to be done automatically instead of manually.

Think of it this way: as a project manager, you probably spend hours of your week on menial administrative tasks. With the addition of AI technology to project management software, you can remove these tasks from your list of things to do, leaving you more time to focus on things that matter. Michael DePrisco of the Project Management Institute (PMI) says it best: “While traditional project management roots focused on tasks like scheduling and tactical planning, AI will likely automate much of that functionality thereby shifting the project manager’s core focus to understanding how to leverage this technology to deliver more value for customers.”

So, how do you prepare for the rise of a technology that seems to be changing every day? Being 100% prepared for AI tech would mean becoming an expert in the field, which is impossible for the average project manager. Instead, lean on your network of colleagues to keep on top of developing trends in the field of AI. Additionally, always be sure that all relevant parties, from employees to managers, are aware of new additions to your project management software. They should be able to understand what has changed, how the changes affect their work, and be able to navigate the software easily so that when the next update rolls around, no one is left in the dust.

The Rise of Hybrid Project Management Methodologies

More and more, project managers are moving towards using multiple project management methodologies in their daily work. It’s undeniable that there are advantages and pitfalls to each method, so it’s now more common to pick and choose parts of one method and blend them with others.

In fact, many project management tools do this already, implementing different aspects of Kanban, Agile, and Waterfall, for example. When you combining multiple project management methods, you’re making space for more flexibility in your project, which is always a good thing.

If you’re stuck using one specific project management method, you and your team may feel stuck. Instead, adopt a new project management software, like Proggio, that allows you to plan your project with flexibility and ease. It also helps to learn more about all the different project management methods. The more informed you are, the easier it will be to select different aspects that make sense for your team and your project.

Don’t Forget About Cybersecurity

Year after year, we hear horror stories of companies losing valuable and private data to cyberattacks. Now more than ever, it’s important to ensure the security of your company’s most valuable asset: your data.

With more and more of our work processes being moved into online applications and web-based programs, there’s always a possibility of cyberattack or of a breach of data. Therefore, one of the most important 2020 trends in project management as well as in industries across the board is going to be strengthening levels of cybersecurity.

How can you implement increase cybersecurity in your daily project management tasks? The answer is more simple than you may expect. By moving different parts of your project into one single location, such as an advanced project management tool. If bits and pieces of your project are strewn across online applications, emails, and Excel sheets, it’s time to update. Not only will this be better from a cybersecurity perspective, but from an organizational one too. If your work is spread over multiple platforms, the chances of data being accidentally lost, shared, or even stolen is much more likely.

More Diversified and Remote Teams

Teams are getting increasingly more diverse, and we don’t just mean in who HR decides to hire. These days, it’s not uncommon to have teams spread out through the office, at home, or from remote locations. With 36% of the US workforce involved in the gig economy, it’s changing the way individuals and teams work together. Gone are the days of everyone involved in a specific project sitting under one roof.

The number of freelancers and workers involved in the gig economy is only expected to grow, so naturally, the demand for outsourced work can only increase. The benefits of outsourcing work are becoming more obvious to many companies. Working with freelancers and remote workers offers more flexibility, lower expenses, and a wider pool of skills to integrate into your project.

Integrating remote workers into your project management software and routine shouldn’t be too difficult. In order to keep on top of this 2020 trend, all you need to do is onboard your remote workers and freelancers to your project management software. Project management tools, such as ProjectManager, make it easy to add new users, assign their capabilities, and keep track of their progress. This way, you can have teams and workers around the globe and still stay on top of their tasks and the overall project from wherever you are.

Final Word

Overall, the 2020 trends in project management are nothing to be afraid of. With proper planning and training, you and your team will be ready for all the challenges that lay ahead this year. To make your work even easier, make sure to use some of the most advanced project management tools out there to ensure the highest level of productivity, security, and efficiency in the new year.

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