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Project management tools are important in helping teams or individuals effectively organize their work and manage various tasks and projects. This term often refers to a variety of project management software tools available online. Project management tools, despite their name, are not only for project managers; they’re tailor-made to fit the requirements of teams of various sizes with different goals.

To do list tools are apps that allow you to create and share to do lists online. They allow you to set deadlines for different tasks and have reminders to ensure you don’t miss out on any important tasks. These tools let you keep notes, audio recordings, and photos on your device. Online to do lists help you remember important things and prioritize time. This is why online to do lists are essential for many people.

Recommended to do list apps

These are some of the most recommended online to do lists apps:

Productivity tools such as online to do lists have a number of useful features. Some of the most important features are discussed below.

Enhance Communication

Some productivity tools let you divide message boards according to tasks, teams, and locations. They have features that also enable you to easily integrate all your notifications from other programs and apps and can function as your team’s communication hub. As more organizations are utilizing remote workers, an online to do list’s communication features are essential to ensure your team maintains its productivity over the long term.

Save Time

To do lists can help you determine where you can look to minimize distractions. These tools track the websites and programs you tend to spend the majority of your time on and include useful analytics, such as the most productive hours in your day. If you know you are getting distracted at work, but cannot figure out the source of distraction, this feature is great for you.

Manage To Do Lists

This feature can put all of your to do lists in a single place, allows you to divide various tasks, and lets you add notes to these tasks. It can sync between the calendars on your computer and phone, making it a great digital planner.

To Do List Apps vs. Project Management Apps

To do list apps are ideal for individual tasks, whether you need a list for a week or just a day. The best to do list apps are also good for one-off group projects, as they allow you to share information and communicate easily. Moreover, these apps are better than project management apps for individual recurring projects such as a regular article, report or website update that tend to vary only slightly with each iteration.

Online to do list apps can also help augment regular meetings. They can be useful for sharing relevant ideas, articles, and notes without the need to exchange several emails.

In contrast, project management apps are more suitable for long-term or more complex projects where you have to go beyond chats, lists, and reminders. They are also more suitable for projects with several steps in one task. Moreover, if you are fond of visuals, you will prefer project management apps over to do lists. PM app tools allow you to view all your tasks neatly laid out in several colorful lists that are customizable. It’s easier to edit tasks as you move through your project process, meaning these tools are far more dynamic and customizable compared to lists where tasks are simply checked off.

Choosing a To Do List App

A search for the “best to do list apps” will yield over 24 million results. It’s easy to get confused or feel overwhelmed by so many to do list app choices. But don’t fret; we’ll guide you in your quest to find the best to do list app.

The best to do list app will be different for everyone depending on the following considerations:

  • Do you prefer to group various tasks in a specific way?
  • Do you like apps with plenty of features, or do you prefer more minimalist apps?
  • Do you manage to do lists on your computer or mobile device?
  • Do you prefer adding lengthy details to your to do lists or keeping them short and sweet?

Depending on the aforementioned task management preferences, you could start by considering some common types of list apps:

  • Many grocery list apps often follow the simplest method for tracking tasks. They have simple to do list templates that list the tasks you need to perform. If you want to spend more time performing your tasks than managing them, these apps are right for you.
  • In contrast, Getting Things Done apps provide time management tools, sub-lists, and tagging for context. They have team-based to do list templates and weekly to do list templates. It takes some time to get familiar with these to do list apps, but if you need a comprehensive system and effective approach to managing your time and tracking your tasks, they could be right for you.
  • Kanban Board to do list apps organize your various tasks into visual boards, allowing you to see several lists on one page. They have various to do list templates and are highly recommended for individuals who need a flexible and convenient way to arrange different tasks. They also provide a bird’s eye or detailed view of what tasks need to be accomplished.


To do lists are extremely useful online tools to help you stay organized and prioritize tasks. There are several kinds of to do list apps, so be sure you get clear on your needs and preferences so you can choose the best to do list online tool for you.

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